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Pret:Orice pret
Culoare:Toate culorile
Monday Morning Masturbating [MM131] It's a gray drizzly day in Northern Illinois. However, I made it through Monday with a smile on my face after receiving
I Love to Leave Bite Marks [SS313] I have always loved flesh between my teeth. His smooth creamy skin (or sometimes anyone's for that matter) calls to me in such a way that
Why isn't One Man Enough? If you are a regular reader of mine, you already know about Mr. Sam. Last week Mr. Sam hit a rough patch in our friendship. The
The Tie that Binds [SS314] Mr. Sam, like Charlie is not a vanilla partner. Mr. Sam and I have been together for 7 months now, we are getting used to each
Erotica for Women and Couples [Review] During the day, I'm normally home alone. That's when I like to enjoy my "me-time." I have some links saved for some of the porn videos
Doggy Style Spreader Bar with Wrist I don't own a lot of BDSM sex toys. I've wanted to try a few new things. Sexy Slave, an estore provided me with this cool
Good Morning [February Photofest] Mr. Sam is a willing model. "Don't move!" I cried out as I reached for my iphone. After swallowing most of Mr. Sam's protein shake, he
Darrell's High School Teacher Experience [MM118] This week's Masturbation Monday story is written by "Mr. Darrell." He has shared a few of his stories with me. I mentioned that I would be
Kiss it, Make it Feel Better [SS296] The older we get the more aches
Can't Decide what to Wear I'm going to to dinner tonight with a group of friends. I'm not actually sure how to dress or what to wear. I hate when my
Three in a Stall [MM120] [The following story is a work of fiction, it was inspired by an actual event. The following story has material that some may find upsetting, disturbing. The
Good to the Last Drop [SS302] After Mr. Sam and I arrived back from the store. We went upstairs to his room to hide away from the world for the day. I
My Mouth Couldn't Handle the Overflow [MM125] Continuing from "Having Drinks with Mr. Sam" .... Mr. Sam
Mr. Charlie loses his Virginity. [MM114] This week's Masturbation Monday story is written by "Mr. Charlie." He has shared a few of his stories with me. I mentioned that I would be