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Review: Fun Factory Tiger G5 Sometimes, I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to adore a vibrator even before I have it in my hands.  The Fun Factory Tiger G5 was one of those. 
Review: Mr. Hankey Toys Lampwick (Medium) It's not exactly a secret that I'm into larger sex toys.  I've written about working up to enjoying thicker toys, and I have an entire page
Review: Crave Duet Flex As much as I love big honking dildos, there will always be a place in my heart (and toy box) for cute little clit vibes.   Whether
A Sex Ninja's Gift List Guide Putting together my holiday wish list for family and friends, I've often struggled to come up with good ideas.  A lot of the things I want
To Vibe or Not To Vibe I was inspired to write this post by Dangerous Lilly's rant about abstaining from vibrators and the (lack of) effect on her sensitivity.  Lilly shares her perspective on vibe shaming and
Dear Teenage Me - A Letter to My Past Self This post was inspired by a random thought from a meeting of Blog Squad Anxiety Support Group in the hotel parking lot at Woodhull.  I was feeling extremely
Pokémoan Dildos: I Caught Them All Everybody seems to be into catching cute little creatures on their phones lately.  But Geeky Sex Toys has taken this trend in a whole new direction by
On Friends and Benefits (and also Magical Penis Theory) If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that being friends with benefits is a recipe for disaster, I'd be able to
Woodhull SFS16: Bloggers Assemble! You know that feeling you get when something that you've anticipated for ages is about to happen?  When there's another book due from your favorite author, or
Erotica: Office Quickie A sexting exchange at the office leads to a stealthy hookup...
Review: We-Vibe Rave And now for something completely different! The We-Vibe Rave's asymmetry brings new dimensions to G-spot stimulation, paired with the We-Vibe rumble I love.
Review: L'Amourose Prism V and VII As you might recall, L'Amourose made quite an impression on me when I reviewed the Rosa Rouge.  The rumbly, heated goodness was music to my G-spot,
Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion I have deeply mixed feelings about the Stronic Bi Fusion.  On one hand, I absolutely adore the unique thrusting action in a shape that finds my
Hex, No - Why I'm Done With Lelo A brief history of Lelo's descent from luxury sex toy leader to problematic and gimmicky hot mess, culminating in its recent Hex condom release and controversial