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3 Reasons to Have a Ds Contract Do you need a contract in your Ds relationship? It's a question I've been asked numerous times over the past few weeks, and my answer is
Her Good Boy #MasturbationMonday "What are you doing?" "What does it look like?" She gasped in between strokes before giving him a long, cool look. "What are you going to
7 Things to Remember When Getting to Know a Dominant It takes much more than asking if someone's a Dominant to find the right one for you. Jumping into a Ds relationship without plenty of communication
3 Things Submissives Do That Turn Off Dominants Bad Dominants aren't the only one who set off red flags. Submissives do it, too. These are simply the three most common.
Do You Understand Informed Consent? Consent is more than a simple yes or not, especially in a BDSM relationship. It's imperative that everyone has as much information as possible to stay
The Hunt for AdultSex Friendly Businesses If you write about sex, run a sexy website, or run any sex-related business, finding businesses that let you do your business can be tricky. Let's
Let's Talk About Making to Switch from Ds to DDlg #podcast #BDSM The Daddy Domlittle or babygirl dynamic isn't for every Ds couple, but many people find themselves drawn to it. Before you start questioning your sanity, learn
#Podcast: How to Handle Communication Problems with Your Dominant Communication problems are common in any relationship but in Ds relationships, they can spell disaster. This podcast episode discusses communication problems submissives may have with their
Are You Afraid to Communicate With Your Dominant? #podcast The second episode in Loving BDSM, a new podcast from Kayla Lords and John Brownstone, this week focuses on helping submissives communicate and renegotiate with their
How John Brownstone Discovered BDSM and His Dominant Self #podcast Episode 4 of Loving BDSM focuses on the personal journey from curiosity to BDSM lifestyle from John Brownstone's perspective.
Torture Yourself for Me #MasturbationMonday What he wants, he gets. And he wants her to torture herself for his pleasure.
LB003: What Does a Good Dominant Look Like? #podcast We spend a lot of time talking about what a bad Dominant looks like. Do you know what a good one looks like? Check out the
Loving BDSM - A #Podcast is Born: Anyone Can Be Kinky LB001 The very first episode of a new podcast, Loving BDSM. It's a simple reminder that anyone can be kinky - there are no limitations.
What Information Do New Kinksters Need Most? A quick poll for anyone in BDSM - what information would have been most helpful to you when you first discovered kink?