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If Your Partner Is Cheating Top 10 List Below is a top 10 list of what to Do and Don’t do if you find out your partner has cheated on you.
Finding Your Own Right Way One man and one woman. In the bedroom. Lights off. Missionary position. That is about as straight and ordinary as you can get when it comes
Double Your Pleasure With Mutual Masturbation One of the most popular sexual requests straight men make of women is "Could I watch you masturbate?" You would think a guy's number one request
by Gabriella Simone Erotic story of a promiscuous girl who loves to travel and finds fun in every situation.
Seductive Art Of Japanese Bondage Yup -- Japanese bondage yoga is the latest, greatest, sensual, and erotic craze of the yogi-verse. Otherwise known as shibari yoga, it’s based on the 16th-centu
She had extreme sex talents in bed! She was a red-headed Scorpio, insatiable and wanted sex about 3 times a day. I'm not saying she got it that often. But “insatiable” means not
Am I crazy I want to give a guy head when I'm horny? What you DON’T say about the experience is how giving blowjobs makes you feel. I dated a girl in my early 20’s who could orgasm from
What did you experience when you took the first cock in your mouth? Exciting! I didn't think I'd enjoy having a cock in my mouth. In fact I'd already told him not to count on me returning the favor
He stuck a finger in my ass and I liked it. Now I'm confused. Well the other night he was fingering me while I was going down on him and he started to circle my ass with his finger told
Women appreciate knowing you respect them before they allow you to have sex First things first, accept that watching porn to learn about sex makes about as much sense as watching professional wrestling to learn about Olympic wrestling.
Porn Stars View On The Penis Size She Prefers This is the opinion of a award-winning adult film star. We will leave her name anonymous. First of all - Penis size does NOT matter to
Things to Remember when hosting an Orgy or Sex Party Remember that not everyone has the same taste in gender, size, ethnicity, etc. Remember that not everyone shares common kinks or desires. Some women may like
Cunnilingus 101 While the clitoris is the sexual hub of the universe for many women, it usually requires a bit of preparation to get aroused for digital or
Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs - Black Perfect for beginners and the experienced! These fully adjustable Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs feature unsurpassed softness and strength. They are easy t