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The Funniest Sex Book! The Wild Girls Club, Part 2, Tales From New York to Hollywood If you like sex and comedy, Anka Radakovich's hilarious new book is a must read.
Female Viagra Empowers Women To Take Charge of Their Sex Life It’s time for women to take charge of their sexuality, even if it’s by taking the ‘little pink pill’ Flibanserin, also known as ‘Female Viagra,’ along
6 Steps To Great Skype Sex A how-to guide for Skype sex by Carrie Borzillo.
Where Do Women Want To Have Sex? I don't know about most women, but my #1 place to have sex would be at five star digs in Tuscany, Paris, or Maui, with a
7 Guys Your Wife Wants To Have Sex With Right Now Here are the top 7 types of guys women want to have sex with, and tips on how you can bring her fantasies to reality.
7 Oral Sex Tips GUARANTEED To Rock Her World Women love when you go down on them, so why aren't you? Recently, a friend posed a question: What would you do if your lover refused
Double Your Pleasure With Mutual Masturbation One of the most popular sexual requests straight men make of women is "Could I watch you masturbate?" You would think a guy's number one request
Have You Ever Tried A Swinger's Cruise? It's a proven fact; sex while on vacation is hotter than sex anyplace else. That's because you are excited to be away from home, you are
Masturbation Survey: A Touchy Subject Tenga is a sex toy company from Japan that sells millions of masturbation toys for men. These toys for boys include "sleeves" and "eggs", and are
My wife wants to experience threesome. What should I do? The main thing you have to realize here is whether you’re okay with it. People have sexual fantasies and fetishes (sometimes really weird ones) all the
How to convince your girlfriend or wife to share in a bisexual experience with another female? You don't. Do not try to “convince” people to have sex in any particular way. Most people would find that manipulative and kind of gross.
How do I convince my wife to have her friend join us in sex? Just because the friend is "naughty" doesn't mean she'll enjoy a group sex experience with you and your wife.  She may not be attracted to both
The Night I Let My Wife ‘Peg’ Me So, several years ago, my wife first brought up the idea of anal. She’d been to a bachelorette party and one of the women said she’d been