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The Cheating Indian Housewife Cheating Isha’s cock sucking and hardcore fucking sexcapade. Married, bored, she needs satisfaction and boy does she get it!
Premature Ejaculation Blues Premature Ejaculation, treatment and causes. Check out my tips on how to make sex more satisfying and last longer.
Genital Warts Worries Genital Warts, Spots, Blisters or Fleshy Growths. Sexual Health advice from the 1st lady of sex, Charlotte Rose. Britain’s No1 sex trainer.
Top 6 Foreplay Tips - Better Foreplay Before Sex Better foreplay before sex. Charlotte Rose's top 6 foreplay tips to a fulfilling sex life. Sex training, guidance and advice from the 1st Lady of Sex.
My Girlfriend Is Bad At Blowjobs Is your girlfriend bad at blowjobs? Want to learn how to get more out of oral sex? The 1st Lady of Sex, Charlotte Rose has answers.
My Boyfriend Wants To Watch Me With Another Woman My boyfriend wants to watch me with another woman. Charlotte Rose has tips for couples who want to invite someone else into the bedroom.
Enjoy Painless Anal Sex Enjoy painless anal sex. Get started with these 6 useful sex tips on how to help you and your partner enjoy painless anal sex.
How To Sexually Arouse a Woman Before Intercourse I often get asked this question in different ways but the answer is always the same. It all comes down to the time spent on foreplay.
Divorcee Gets Her First Good Fuck His bare hands caressed my thighs, causing a tingling sensation right down to my sopping wet panties.
Mistress Blair’s New Sissy Housemaid Dominatrix Blair confesses how she found her new sissy housemaid, feminized him and gave him a special clean-up job...
Sex Fiend Fifty Plus Exhibitionist Sex fiend Sheila is over fifty but doesn't let that get in her way. Hear how she discovered her love for exhibitionism while on a date
BBW's First Gangbang I’m with my best friend Julie and the wine has gone to our heads, the more I drink the hotter she looks.
Flogger Wielding Dominatrix Fucks Her Waiter I bring the flogger down on his arse with a solid thwack! He does his best not to make a sound.
Wake Up To An Orgasm During my many forays of online shopping I have found the alarm clock of every ladies dreams.