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Spicing up sex lives since 1992, Cirilla’s stocks an impressive collection of lingerie, vibrators, adult toys and romance essentials. 60+ retail locations

How Sex Changes in Your Thirties Women in Their Thirties Have More Orgasms Than Women at Other Ages. Women Experience Changes in Confidence, Communication and Desire Which Lend to That.
Sex Toys for Men From Tools That Make Masturbation Easier and More Intense to Sex Toys That You Can Use During Sex, There Are Plenty Innovative Sex Toys for Men
5 App-Controlled Sex Toys for Tech Geeks and Sex Geeks 5 Sex Toys You Can Control from Your Phone. Featuring Interactive Settings, Fun Ways to Create Your Own Patterns, And Features for Long-Distance Play.
8 Innovative Sex Toys You've Got to See to Believe If You're Looking for A New Sex Toy to Add Excitement to Your Sex Life, Then Look No Further Than This List of 8 Innovative Sex
How to Gift Sex Toys Like a Pro Enhance Your Intimate Relationship This Holiday Season. Bring Real Holiday Joy to Your Lover with This Fail Proof Guide to Giving Sex Toys as A Gift.
Lingerie Buying Basics Lingerie Can Be Your Secret Sexual Weapon, But If You're Not Sure How to Wear It or Even Shop for It, Lingerie Can Be Quite Intimidating.
Kinky Toys for Couples A List the Top 4 Bondage Toys for The Newly-Kinky Couple. With These Bondage Basics in Your Sex Toy Box, You Can Create a Variety of
Silicone Lube vs. Silicone Toys Many People Wonder If Silicone Lubricants Can Be Used with Silicone Sex Toys. In Short, You Can Absolutely but You Have to Be Cautious of Materials.
Tips for a Safe Hookup Hookup Are On Trend with Dating Apps Like Grindr and Tinder but Hookups Aren’t Without Risk. Follow Our Advice for A Hookup That's Both Safe and
Anatomy of the Clitoris The Clitoris Is a Rather Complex Part of Our Anatomy but The Clitoris Has Largely Been Misunderstood, Misrepresented, And Even Deliberately Ignored.
How to Incorporate Sex Toys Into Your Bedroom Sex Toys Aren't Just for Solo Play. Find New Ways to Pleasure Your Partner and Strengthen Your Bond When You Add Sex Toys to Your Bedroom.
Benefits of Male Chastity Chastity Play Has a Sub by Their Dick and Balls, Lock and Key. I Must Give The CB-600 Its Due Credit; It’s One of the Few
Queer Porn Talk Queer Porn Is an Inclusive Genre That Showcases Performers of Many Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities Which Are Seldom Included in Mainstream Porn.
Masturbation Is Essential for A Better Sex Life Even If You’re Familiar with What You Enjoy, A Bit of Experimentation Can Take You Far. Masturbation Puts The Pleasure Completely in Your Control.