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The We-Vibe 4 Plus has a New App, but it Still has Flaws I wrote a review of the We-Vibe 4 Plus last December. It’s a nice, luxury clitoral and G-spot vibrator, but the mobile app failed miserably. The
Sinfully Tasteful Sweets From The Naughty Cookie Box Ah! Every morning should start off with a cup of tea and Kama Sutra and penis cookies. What kind of cookies???rnYes, Kama Sutra and penis cookies,
Is Body Heat a Real Thing? The human body goes through some rather magnificent physiological responses during sexual arousal. Nipples get hard. Blood flows to the genitals and causes swelling, engorgement and
50 Lewd, Rude & Crude Pickup Lines Even though I would cringe if some guy used a pickup line on me, when I see them in a meme, I usually can’t stop laughing
What I Didn’t Know About Sexual Health When I Was in College I was dating this guy during my freshman year in college in 1983. We were sexually active. He wore a condom, but he hated wearing one
Free Erotic Story: The Not-So-Tarnished Trophy Wife Brianna was putting the finishing touches on her hair and makeup for a party in her husband’s honor at the house of the president of the
Bijoux de Nip – Bijoux My Nips! Ever since Bijoux de Nip sent me some of its newest nipple jewelry, I seriously have to update my lingerie collection. We’re talking big, bodacious, ooh-la-la,
Didn’t Have an Orgasm? It Doesn’t Always Mean You Had Bad Sex. There have been a few times, maybe once or twice, that I didn’t have an orgasm when I had sex with Parrot. There was one time
Row, Row, Row Your Butt (and Other Naughty Bits) I’m far from being a huge sports buff, especially when it comes to rowing. Butt I think I might have a change of heart for these
Tease Me, Please! I love a good tease! I’m lucky that teasing is something Parrot and I enjoy and are especially good at doing. When Parrot teases me, I
Why I Prefer Older Men After I got divorced in my early 30’s, I never dated men under the age of 40. It wasn’t a daddy kink. I just always felt
Free Erotic Story: Interview with the Author I came running into the morning staff meeting six minutes late. After six years on staff, you’d think I’d know that the freeway turns into one
Dare to Let Out Your Bad Girl There are times I want to be a bad girl; to be aggressive, slutty or a bit dangerous. So what has stopped me? In some cases,
Getting Flirty with Panties I love pretty, sexy panties. They make me feel empowered. Not just sexually, but also in my confidence when I want to look my best or