• Bedroom Rockstar Game - Sex Games (1)
Bedroom Rockstar Game - Sex Games (1)

Bedroom Rockstar Game

$ 17.95


Groovy Game Gets You Rock & Roll Sex!Want to be a real rock star in the bedroom? All you need is your lover and this sexy adult board game! The Bedroom Rockstar Game will have you both competing for rock star status and showstopping sex! Spin to see how far you can go, then pick a card and perform the naughty sexual activities listed. Show off your fingering skills by massaging or masturbating your lover, give a vocal performance by nibbling your lover’s nipples, and work up to a sexual grand finale neither of you will ever forget! For 2 adults. Game includes:•1 game board with built-in spinner•2 guitar pick game pieces•1 deck of Vocals cards•1 deck of Finger Play cards•1 deck of Performance cards•1 deck of Rock Star cardsNeed a reason to rock out with your cock out? Then grab your favorite groupie and get ready for an intense sexual performance! The Bedroom Rockstar Board Game is a simple, easy way to inspire nights of passion. And the best part about this adult board game? No

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