• Power Pins Magnetic Nipple Clamps - Nipple toys (1)
Power Pins Magnetic Nipple Clamps - Nipple toys (1)

Power Pins Magnetic Nipple Clamps

$ 39.95


Enjoy Pierced Look Nipples –– Without The Piercing!

Get A Pinch O' Pleasure On Labia, Ear Lobes, Scrotum...And More!

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Surround your most sensitive parts with magnetic pressure! Your Magnetic Nipple clamps can be applied to nipples, labia, scrotum, and more. Use them during solo or partner play to create an unforgettable look –– with a spicy pinch of pleasure.

  • 2 pairs of magnetic nipple clamp pins
  • Ultra-powerful magnets are drawn to each other
  • Made from nickel-free iron to avoid irritating sensitive skin
  • Each pin is 0.8 inches in length, 0.6 inches in diameter

These ultra-powerful magnets will be drawn to each other on either side of your delicate flesh, acting as a pair of clamps that feel as good as they look.

Your Master Series Power Pins Magnetic Nipple Clamps make nipple fetish fun easy! There are no moving parts to worry about, just set and forget.

(And when you're not wearing them, stick 'em on your fridge door –– no one will know what they're REALLY for!)

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