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Double Your Pleasure With Mutual Masturbation One of the most popular sexual requests straight men make of women is "Could I watch you masturbate?" You would think a guy's number one request
Double Your Pleasure With Mutual Masturbation One of the most popular sexual requests straight men make of women is "Could I watch you masturbate?" You would think a guy's number one request
Sexual "Afterglow" Lasts 48 Hours It turns out that sexual afterglow lasts a bit longer than that after-sex cigarette. A new study called "Quantifying the Sexual Afterglow," The Lingering Benefits of
Give A Hands-Free Massage aka Nuru Massage There’s a reason people love to watch mud wrestling. Bodies covered from head to toe in a slippery substance is not only compelling, it’s erotic. So
I Love to Leave Bite Marks [SS313] I have always loved flesh between my teeth. His smooth creamy skin (or sometimes anyone's for that matter) calls to me in such a way that
My Girlfriend Is Bad At Blowjobs Is your girlfriend bad at blowjobs? Want to learn how to get more out of oral sex? The 1st Lady of Sex, Charlotte Rose has answers.
5 App-Controlled Sex Toys for Tech Geeks and Sex Geeks 5 Sex Toys You Can Control from Your Phone. Featuring Interactive Settings, Fun Ways to Create Your Own Patterns, And Features for Long-Distance Play.
Monday Morning Masturbating [MM131] It's a gray drizzly day in Northern Illinois. However, I made it through Monday with a smile on my face after receiving
Sex Toys for Men From Tools That Make Masturbation Easier and More Intense to Sex Toys That You Can Use During Sex, There Are Plenty Innovative Sex Toys for Men
How Sex Changes in Your Thirties Women in Their Thirties Have More Orgasms Than Women at Other Ages. Women Experience Changes in Confidence, Communication and Desire Which Lend to That.
Top 6 Foreplay Tips - Better Foreplay Before Sex Better foreplay before sex. Charlotte Rose's top 6 foreplay tips to a fulfilling sex life. Sex training, guidance and advice from the 1st Lady of Sex.
Genital Warts Worries Genital Warts, Spots, Blisters or Fleshy Growths. Sexual Health advice from the 1st lady of sex, Charlotte Rose. Britain’s No1 sex trainer.
Dr. Ava Interviews O Yoga Sexpert Psalm Isadora Psalm Isadora is a Tantric Expert and sexual healer who uses her Yes Method to help women go deep with their sexuality and experience pleasure as
Vampire Sex Fantasy Role Play Vampire sex is hot! "Kiss of the Vampire" is one of the most romantic, sexiest and erotic stories of vampire lust told in a way that
Perfect Valentine's Day Idea Make your partner's wildest dreams come true with this perfect sexy Valentine's gift! Give them a sensuously erotic sex fantasy role play! Four sensously thrilling scenarios
Premature Ejaculation Blues Premature Ejaculation, treatment and causes. Check out my tips on how to make sex more satisfying and last longer.
Have You Ever Tried A Swinger's Cruise? It's a proven fact; sex while on vacation is hotter than sex anyplace else. That's because you are excited to be away from home, you are
Defining Submission #BDSM If I had to use one word to describe it, that word would probably be 'trust.' There are so many more words to use, though, that
How To Sexually Arouse a Woman Before Intercourse I often get asked this question in different ways but the answer is always the same. It all comes down to the time spent on foreplay.
Good Morning [February Photofest] Mr. Sam is a willing model. "Don't move!" I cried out as I reached for my iphone. After swallowing most of Mr. Sam's protein shake, he
Dear Teenage Me - A Letter to My Past Self This post was inspired by a random thought from a meeting of Blog Squad Anxiety Support Group in the hotel parking lot at Woodhull.  I was feeling extremely