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Scientific Study Says "Sex Unleashes Your Tongue" A new study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,  says that when people get sexually excited by someone they just met, they "self disclose" and
Caitlyn Jenner Gets Sexual Reassignment Surgery Caitlyn Jenner has finally done it; she has cut off her manhood to become the woman she always wanted to be, but couldn't. In her new
Using Condoms Makes Your Vag Healthier A new study says that using a condom drastically reduces a woman's risk of bacterial vaginosis (BV), also known as "What's that smell down there?" The
Man Caught Having Sex With Mailbox! Talk about loving your job. A little too much. An Irish postman was caught having sex with a customer's mailbox. According to The Belfast Telegraph, a
Swedish Politician Proposes Weekly Paid A politician in Sweden has proposed that the 550 government workers in the small, picturesque town of Overtornea get paid for a weekly one-hour "sex break."
New Spa Procedure A spa in Manchester, England has come up with the latest method to "boost your sex life." The spa, Cryotherapy UK, says its ‘Love Mist’, is
New TV Series I've just discovered Unicornland, a new show about that elusive character in adult play circles - the unicorn, which means a single woman looking to play with couples.
Who Has The Most Orgasms? A massive study of 52,600 Americans revealed who has the most orgasms. And it's not women. The study, called "Differences in orgasm frequency among gay, lesbian,
What Porn Did People Watch Most In 2016? The statistics on the world's porn watching habits are in, and to no one's surprise, people watched billions of pornos last year. That's 92 billion videos
Nearly Naked Yoga - Triangle Nearly Naked Yoga is about uncovering and discovering our authentic nature - stripping away our egos, clothing, fears and judgments. Finding a momentary freedom to simple
Where Do Women Want To Have Sex? I don't know about most women, but my #1 place to have sex would be at five star digs in Tuscany, Paris, or Maui, with a
Mobile Kissing Is Here "Experience internet kissing," say the inventors of the "Kissenger," a silicone device you attach to your cell phone for some long distance tongue action. "Kissing is
2017 Firefighter Calendar Heats Up The Wall For dog lovers (and lovers of hot guys), the Charleston Animal Society's 2017 Firefighter Calendar will provide a year's worth of eye candy! The steamy calendar
2017 Firefighter Calendar Heats Up The Wall For dog lovers (and lovers of hot guys), the Charleston Animal Society's 2017 Firefighter Calendar will provide a year's worth of eye candy! The steamy calendar
Cannabis Dating App Is Tinder For Tokers The cannabis industry raked in a billion dollars in Colorado last year, an indication of how many people in America smoke pot! And now that half
Legendary Dr. Ruth To Speak at Sexual Health Expo The third annual Sexual Health Expo (SHE) will feature legendary Dr. Ruth Westheimer as the event's keynote speaker. An icon in the field of human sexuality,
88-Year-Old Dr. Ruth Was The 88-year-old Dr. Ruth was the "It Girl" of SHE, The Sexual Health Expo held in Los Angeles. America's most famous sex therapist drew a huge, pulsating
Valentine's Day Around The World - FREE download: Valentine's Day hasn't always been just about flowers and chocolate - it has a long and storied history. Every February in ancient Rome, the Romans held a
Playboy To Feature Naked Ladies Again Playboy Magazine will once again feature what made the mag famous: naked girls. That's right, Playboy is going back to its nude roots with pics of
Sotheby's Will Hold Erotic Art Sale Sotheby's in London will hold an auction of naughty, vintage erotic art on February 16th. The sex themed art sale is called Erotic: Passion
Sexycises Makes Its Debut at Sexual Health Expo LA 2017 The Sexual Health Expo (SHE) 2017 took place this past weekend February 4th