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Are Woman honest about their sexual partners? Absolutely not! I don’t know a woman who will ever be truthful with any potential mate, boyfriend, husband, Ex etc. about the TRUE number of sexual
Open Posture Improves Your Chance Of Getting A Date A new research study found that an "open body stance" yielded more sexual interest during online and speed dating.
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What Women Say & What They Really Mean in Friends with Benefits Last week, I wrote about the difference between what a man says and what he means when it comes to friends with benefits dating and dating
How to Speed Things Up with Online Dating Sex personals online dating sites like Sex Personals Gold Coast (www.sexpersonalsgoldcoast.com.au) and Sex Personals Canberra (www.sexpersonalscanberra.com.au) can be a great way to meet a hookup part
Date Night: The Outdoor Concert Picnic I’m pretty lucky that I live in an area where there are several outdoor evening concert series that are held in parks or centers right on
Rachel's Roleplay A hot, blonde MILF confesses to indulging in some sexy, French maid roleplay with a sales assistant. Read the full confession right here.
How To Find Your Spouse Online Carrie Borzillo gives advice on how to find a longterm relationship online, and how to tailor your personal profile to find 'the one.'
Online Hookup Dating Site Pictures That Get Noticed If you’re doing the online dating site thing on a site like Hookup Melbourne (www.hookupmelbourne.com.au) or Hookup Perth (www.hookupperth.com.au), pictures count … a lot! An online
Date Night: Share a Hug That Means Something I don’t know about you, but all too often when I’m scanning sex blogs, I feel like if it’s not kinky or freaky, it’s not worth
Handling the Emotional Highs & Lows of Casual Encounters A lot of people go into casual sex dating and relationships thinking if it’s casual that there shouldn’t be any complications. Even if you’re not emotionally
What Pics Will Get You The Most Dates? Photos that get you the most dates
How To Make Good Conversation On A First Date Many people complain that they “hate to date”. Are you one of them? If so, it’s very likely that you’re afraid of just having to make
One Minute Dating Advice: As I lecture at Universities across the country, the #1 question female students ask me is "Why am I not having orgasms?" The #1 question male