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Who Has The Most Orgasms?

Who Has The Most Orgasms?

A massive study of 52,600 Americans revealed who has the most orgasms. And it's not women. The study, called "Differences in orgasm frequency among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual men and women in a U.S. national sample", found that heterosexual males have the most orgasms. And heterosexual females have the least. I totally appreciate gigantic sex studies, but every girl I know could have told you that. The good news; there's hope for more straight girl orgasms. The study was published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour, and was conducted by Indiana University, (home of the Kinsey Institute, a sex research institution) along with Chapman and Claremont University. The study was initiated to "close the orgasm gap." Thanks! Somebody had to do something! The percentage of people who had an orgasm while having sex were as follows: 65% of heterosexual women 66% of bisexual women 86% of lesbian women 88% of bisexual men 89% of gay men 95% of heterosexual men The findings suggest how a "variety of behaviors" can be tried…
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