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Where Do Women Want To Have Sex?

Where Do Women Want To Have Sex?

I don't know about most women, but my #1 place to have sex would be at five star digs in Tuscany, Paris, or Maui, with a dreamy view. But according to a sex survey of 3,000 females conducted by sleep cupid, a site that rates mattresses, the #1 place women want to have sex is... the stairs! "Ever thought about doing it somewhere other than on a mattress?" the mattress site asks. "Well turns out you are not alone. Plenty of women do too. Curious to see just where women most fantasize about having sex Sleep Cupid asked adult women in the US and UK about the places they most wanted to have sex."  Stairs came in first most likely due to the excitement factor of getting caught. Sex in public is one of both women and men's top fantasy. The beach was #2, the garage #3, followed by elevator, big eventwedding, airplane, backyard, office, park, and roof. The survey also asked women if they'ed fantasized about "having sex with…
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