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Valentines Day Around The World - FREE download:

Valentine's Day Around The World - FREE download:

Valentine's Day hasn't always been just about flowers and chocolate - it has a long and storied history. Every February in ancient Rome, the Romans held a fertility feast to honor all the young men. They placed adolescent women’s names in a box and drew the names at random, assigning each young man a female companion for their mutual pleasure for the duration of a year, after which another lottery was staged. When the Roman Catholics came to power, they were determined to put an end to this 800 year-old practice. The church found a “lovers” saint to replace the lottery whose name was Valentine, a Bishop who had been martyred some 200 years earlier when he enraged emperor Claudius II by secretly performing marriage ceremonies. It seems that Claudius had outlawed marriage because he thought it made men poor soldiers, not wanting to leave their wives for battle. Unfortunately poor Bishop Valentine was clubbed to death and decapitated, which is not very romantic, but nevertheless, his name lives on and will always…
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