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The Heartache Cure

The Heartache Cure

Heartache as we call it or Heartbreak as we feel it...Both are not some medical condition that can easily be fixed by a doctor or a trip to the pharmacy for medications to put and end to the pain. No. These matters of the heart are beyond the scope of modern medicine. There's no vaccine or telethons that will raise money to fix this ongoing disease called heartache. Somehow the only viable cure for this ugly disease is TIME. The waiting game of uncontrollable crying, cookie and sugar binges, unannounced weight gains and bouts of self doubt and lack of confidence that take over our bodies. Our friends and families who are now Physicians in Love tell us... "Time will heal your wounds." It amazes me that with modern day medicine at it's best. The development of vaccines for some of the worst diseases on earth...The thing that seems the most destructive once you catch it and goes bad can't be cured with a simple shot of "Move On." The problem…
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