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Sexual Afterglow Lasts 48 Hours

Sexual "Afterglow" Lasts 48 Hours

It turns out that sexual afterglow lasts a bit longer than that after-sex cigarette. A new study called "Quantifying the Sexual Afterglow," The Lingering Benefits of Sex and Their Implications for Pair-Bonded Relationships" says afterglow actually lasts about 48 hours. Who knew? The study, published in Psychological Science, says that it's an evolutionary thing. "Sex presumably facilitates pair bonding, but how do partners remain pair-bonded between sexual acts?" the researchers asked. "Evolutionary perspectives suggest that sexual afterglow serves this purpose. We explored how long sexual satisfaction would remain elevated following sex, and predicted that stronger sexual afterglow would characterize more satisfying partnerships." The scientists studied 215 newlyweds, and asked them to rate their daily sexual activity, because, well newlyweds probably do it more often than anyone else does. (Oddly though, the sexy time results only averaged out to getting laid 4 times in two weeks.) Every night at bedtime, the newlyweds were asked to take notes. Did they have sex with their partner that day? Were they satisfied with their…
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