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Review: Doms Guide to Submissive Training

Review: Dom's Guide to Submissive Training

Getting into BDSM, or trying to enter into a Ds relationship can be daunting. Accepting the idea that sex and sexuality for you is about more than vanilla relationships and fucking in the missionary position is just the first step. Resources such as Dom's Guide to Submissive Training can help point you in the right direction. The book starts out with a sort of basic overview of the origins of BDSM--the overlap of pleasure and pain, and a history of BDSM in general. Granted, the book is relatively short and this is just one chapter of it, so the history is not very comprehensive.Chapter 2 is titled Misconceptions About the Dynamic and Lifestyle and contains valuable pearls of wisdom such as, "Accept that BDSM is no laughing matter and it's not a license to be a dick." The author addresses common fallacies like whether or not BDSM is always about sex, if submissives have low self-esteem, and the fact that a Ds relationship is not just an excuse for rape or…
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