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New TV Series

New TV Series

I've just discovered Unicornland, a new show about that elusive character in adult play circles - the unicorn, which means a single woman looking to play with couples. The main character Annie is exploring her sexuality after a divorce and each episode is a different sexual adventure. The show is created and produced by Lucy Gillespie, and shot by a mostly female crew, which I love. I also love that's it's very sex-positive and celebrates the social diversity of New York City including not only trans and genderqueer people, but disabled actors as well. Sex and disability is one of the most important topics for me, as I believe everyone has some form of disability or limitation when it comes to love, intimacy and sex. Watching the show got me curious about the motivations of its creator, so I reached out to find out! Here is my interview with the talented creator, Lucy Gillespie. Dr. Ava Cadell: What do you hope viewers will learn and take away from the series? Lucy Gilespie:…
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