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Man Caught Having Sex With Mailbox!

Man Caught Having Sex With Mailbox!

Talk about loving your job. A little too much. An Irish postman was caught having sex with a customer's mailbox. According to The Belfast Telegraph, a postal customer noticed "suspicious" activity in front of his mailbox. So he installed a  camera above the door to catch the suspected "mailbox masturbator" who really liked his mailbox. Footage revealed a van from the Irish Global Mail Company walking to the door, sliding his "postmaster general" into the mailbox, and rubbing it against the opening. "On a second occasion," says the Telegraph "The offender noticed the camera while he was carrying out the sex act." The postie was later identified as 52-year-old David Camblin. He pleaded guilty to three counts of damaging a door and floor over a six-month period. Apparently, he was a repeat mailbox offender and started going "steady" with the mailbox. When police interviewed Camblin, he could offer no explanation other than to describe the act as “spontaneous”. The judge ordered the mailbox offender to pay £500 ($650) in compensation, placed on…
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