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Is (SEXTING) acceptable forms of communication while dating?

Is (SEXTING) acceptable forms of communication while dating?

I don’t know. I was always the first person telling young girls, DO NOT send pics of yourself naked to anyone! Flash forward to becoming single at 43 and I find myself dating long distance I’m head over heels for this guy and he’s enticing me to do more. So I do!  I have to tell you I have no regrets even if he splashed those things all over the internet. The majority of those pics I look stunning. But, it’s about the trust factor. I trust him with those pics and I still do. I loved taking pictures before but this helped me be even more comfortable with my body. I had so many insecurities about my physical self it was unbelievable. He would get those photos of me and he was always so appreciative and complimentary. He loved them. I feel like two middle age adults who care for each other should be able to test the water right? So, I guess the answer is be careful and…
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