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How Do I Respect My Doms Desire to Come Out?

How Do I Respect My Dom's Desire to Come Out?

Dear Scarlet, My husband and I recently embarked on a new Ds lifestyle. I’m from a very conservative background. My husband is so enthusiastic and wants to come “out” to everyone--but my sister, the only family member I’ve told so far, threatened to call the cops on my husband for abuse! How do I respect my Dom’s desire to come out, while also protecting myself from the judgement and potential fallout from unsupportive family and friends? Signed,Let’s Stay In TonightDear In, First of all, let me say welcome! It’s so exciting when we’re able to find new and exciting ways to express our connections to our partners. I’m glad that you and your husband have found that Ds enhances your relationship. I know how thrilling it is to feel like you’ve found a new “tribe” and can relate to how eager your husband must be to share his enthusiasm and his new sense of community with the world. But it sounds like you both are very new to the Ds…
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