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Cannabis Dating App Is Tinder For Tokers

Cannabis Dating App Is Tinder For Tokers

The cannabis industry raked in a billion dollars in Colorado last year, an indication of how many people in America smoke pot! And now that half of the states in America allow either medical or legal cannabis, people want to enjoy the wonder weed with other sexy, (stoned) people. Sex and cannabis can be an amazingly erotic experience, and many sex therapists we know say they recommend couples try the plant for it's sensual, relaxing yet exciting side effects. (Fun fact: one strain, formerly called "Mr. Nice" was found to be so great for sex that it was renamed "Sexpot.") High There is a new dating app for "the modern cannabis consumer." It's for people who want to "weed out" other people who won't judge them for enjoying cannabis, which btw has less side effects than alcohol. For those who see themselves as pot connoisseurs rather than "stoners," the new app helps you meet your future bud smoking sex buddy. The app asks questions only a pot app would ask,…
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