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88-Year-Old Dr. Ruth Was The

88-Year-Old Dr. Ruth Was The

88-year-old Dr. Ruth was the "It Girl" of SHE, The Sexual Health Expo held in Los Angeles. America's most famous sex therapist drew a huge, pulsating crowd for her highly anticipated keynote speech at the sex ed sexpo. Among the gems of her speech were "Tell a guy what you want," "The more you know about sex, the more pleasure you can have," and "There are less women who can’t reach orgasms today thanks to the message from all of these sex educators." She also noted "Any man who ejaculates prematurely can read books or visit a sex therapist and with just a few lessons can learn to last longer." Amen. She was preaching to the converted, but still. “My No. 1 sex tip is for all of you to walk out of here knowing that sex is not between the knees, it is in the brain. Secondly I want everyone to know the importance of touch even if it doesn’t lead to sexual experience." Dr. Ruth is known for…
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